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Buy and Sell Surplus Steel

Did you know that nearly 69% of steel is recycled in North America each year? That adds up to more than 80 million tons of steel recycled in North America each year. New steel even contains approximately 30% recycled steel. After all, steel is the most recycled material in the world.

What Is Surplus Steel?

When the stock of material is no longer required for the job, it is called surplus material. As stock control takes place, lists of obsolete and surplus stock are submitted. The metal supply or steel supply stock is purchased for production requirements or in anticipation of production needs. Sometimes, a manufacturer will not accept an order for a small quantity, and you end up with excess stock. Occasionally, for unavoidable reasons, you may have to cut down on operations. There may be excess stock lying around waiting. Also, a change in specifications could change, leaving you with extra inventory. After your project is finished, there could be a metal supply or steel supply leftover. All of these items are regarded as surplus.

Secondary Marketplace

We get it and provide asset recovery services so you can convert the surplus stock into money.
We buy and resell surplus steel into the secondary marketplace. Industrial materials we purchase include stainless and carbon steel pipe, valves, fittings, flanges, plate, beams, and angle iron.
We are always in the market to:

  • Buy Surplus Metal
  • Buy Industrial Metal Supplies
  • Buy Metal
  • Buy Steel
  • Buy Steel Beams
  • Buy Steel Plate
  • Buy Sheet Metal
  • Buy Metal Plate
  • Buy Steel Pipe
  • Buy Stainless Steel
  • Buy Steel Stock
  • Buy Carbon Steel
  • Buy Cold Rolled Steel
  • Buy Steel Angle
  • Buy Angle Iron
  • Buy Surplus Steel
  • Buy Channel Iron

Tri Coastal Steel Trading LLC services the industrial marketplace to buy and sell prime, surplus metals, and obsolete equipment.

Time Is Money

We have over thirty years of experience purchasing and reselling industrial metal supply and industrial steel supply, such as metal plate, angle iron, and steel pipe.

Our strategy is to maximize the asset recovery value of equipment and material that is idle, unused, or unwanted. We will meet with you, evaluate the metal supply and steel supply, and recommend based on the needed schedule, type of material, and current market conditions. We understand that timing is crucial and provide various options to suit your needs.


Tri Coastal Steel Trading LLC offers unbiased appraisal on various inventories. Depending upon the needs, we offer a current view of what your assets could currently bring.

In today’s stressed and volatile metals market, metal companies, lenders, and investor groups must knowledge of the current metal values and inventories.

Tri Coastal Steel Trading LLC will fulfill all of your surplus needs.