Demolition Services

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Demolition Services

Tri Coastal Steel Trading LLC will buy metal, buy steel, and your scrap metal as part of our demolition capabilities. Our professionals safely and efficiently tear down buildings and human-made structures, either partially or entirely, depending on your needs. We understand demolition is a risky task filled with many hazards, and this time, it’s not entertainment in a movie. There is a risk of damage to your property or surrounding properties. If there’s damage, then there can be legal matters. Safety and experience are vital when it comes to demolition.


Don’t worry about the sharp scrap metal edges lying around. We do the job successfully and remove steel scrap and all other industrial metals supply that is leftover. We clean up everything and take care of it all for you with our demolition services. We know how to manage various situations and make sure all safety measures are in place. While nobody can eliminate all risks, we can mitigate it as a safety plan is part of every demolition plan. Tri Coastal Steel Trading LLC has the skills and training to carry out the project. Qualified engineers, inspectors, and technicians will take care of utility lines before demolition. Proper planning and execution are vital to mitigate the risk involved in the demolition process..

Serious Business

The industrial metals supply and industrial steel supply is responsible for numerous structures across a variety of industries. Whether it is an idled plant, tank farm, or any free-standing structure that needs our demolition capabilities, we can take care of it. Demolition is more than the countdown, boom, flash, and fall, as seen on TV. In reality, implosions account for less than 1% of all demolitions. Most demolitions use specialty construction equipment and heavy equipment that requires science, a great deal of skill, engineering, and expertise.

Whatever You Need

With our asset recovery services, you can count on us to buy metal and buy steel and scrap metal. We then connect with buyers of scrap metal and those wishing to purchase metal and buy steel. This helps you receive a return on investment for any assets you may have. We offer complete building demolition, obsolete inventory destruction, and plant clean-up services. We eliminate unsafe structures, unusable eyesores and create a usable space for your new construction project. With over three decades of extensive experience, we are ready to handle even complex demolition spaces. You can count on us to get the project completed for a partial demolition or down to grade.


As leaders in the sheet metal supply and steel trading industry, our knowledgeable team will take care of all the required permits and make the necessary arrangements for processing any hazardous materials and debris from the demolition.

The demolition regulations are complicated. We have the experience, licensing, and training to follow all of the federal and local regulations.

If there are harmful materials in the building, additional measures and caution must be used to remove these materials and not pollute the environment. We know how to handle hazardous materials and protect the air.

Clean Up

After demolition, Tri Coastal Steel Trading LLC will dispose of all waste, pay you for any assets, and add inventory to the available metal supply, steel supply, and scrap metal supply. The property will be clean after demolition and ready for the new project. Some of the demolition debris can be reused, recycled, and repurposed. Not only are you earning revenue for assets, but you are also doing something good for the environment.

Why select us?

We help make your demolition as easy and stress-free as possible. Everything is our responsibility, from the planning to safety to equipment to the waste. Trust the professionals at Tri-Coastal Steel Trading LLC for your demolition needs. We’ll do it all. Contact us for an evaluation and cost estimate of the project. Use our asset recovery management services to earn competitive rates on usable, unused metal, steel, and scrap metal.